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Dear Chualar School Community,

Just a quick note from the Chualar USD Technology Department! We're here to make sure that all our students have what they need for a smooth tech experience.

What We Do:

  • Keep things running smoothly online 🌐
  • Make sure everyone has access to devices 📱💻
  • Keep your info safe and sound 🔒
  • Help out with any tech questions or issues 🛠️

Got Questions or Need Help? Don't hesitate to reach out! Whether it's about devices, online tools, or anything tech-related, we're here for you. Just drop us a message, and we'll get back to you ASAP. Questions? Email Call 831-679-2313 ext 111.

Thanks for being part of the Chualar tech community!

Best, Chualar USD Technology Dept.