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Chualar School was first erected in 1908! It was reconstructed in 1980. Your school was named after your town, Chualar. Chualar is believed to be the Native American word for the abundant and native herb: Goosefoot. This plant could possibly be Chenopodium californicum, the California Goosefoot, also known as Pigweed.

Only 340 Students!
With approximately 340 students we are able to give a more focused attention to ALL our students. We boast an average of 20 students per teacher, many campus supervisors, classroom aids and staff that is here to support our students and community. 

Our Goal
ALL children can learn given a nurturing, enriched environment with a sense of belonging (family-like atmosphere) that is child-centered and compatible with how the brain learns. We can help children rise to high levels of expectations by striving for excellence and quality. The goal is to help students become LIFELONG-LEARNERS who will be contributing members of our democratic society. 

Our Team

Ruben Pulido, Superintendent/Principal

831-679-2313 ext 101

Eva Contreras, Administrative Assistant

831-679-2313 ext 105

Yen Le, Business Manager

831-679-2313 ext 108



Four Basic School Values

Chualar School expect students to maintain high standards of personal conduct. The FOUR BASIC SCHOOL VALUES and the STUDENT'S CODE OF ETHICS are the cornerstone of students being successful citizens of our school. Students who experience a problem are expected to immediately report the problem to any adult on campus so a solution can be worked out. 

All students, parents, and staff of our school will be expected to adhere to the following basic values: ​

  • Learning takes precedence over any other activity in school. 
  • Don't interfere with anyone's education, including your own. 
  • Respect property: Yours, the School's, and other People's. 
  • Treat yourself and everyone else with respect and courtesy.


Chualar City Map